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EVO Oil Sprayer, 8oz. 2-pack

EVO Oil Sprayer, 8oz. 2-pack

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Product Name: Evo Oil Sprayer 2 x 8oz

Features: The first non-aerosol trigger sprayer for your favourite cooking oil.

  • HEALTHY: By dispensing the exact amount each and every time, you can control cooking oil usage, calories and nutrition.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Evo is re-usable so you can buy your choice of oils in bulk and say bye to wasteful aerosol cans.
  • PURE: None of the propellants or chemicals in aerosols are used in Evo.  Use your favourite oils, pure and simple.
  • GREEN: Evo is environmentally friendly and aerosol free.  The bottle sprayer and packaging are made of recyclable materials and Evo is BPA free.
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor use.
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