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Toastabags® Roastabag Self-Basting Oven Bag

Toastabags® Roastabag Self-Basting Oven Bag

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Roastabag is the perfect way to roast meat, fish and vegetables while perfectly sealing in all the taste and flavour.

  • Helps meat brown without having to baste
  • Retains nutrients and natural food moisture and flavours
  • Prevents fats from splashing, keeping oven clean
  • No need to add extra fat
  • Suitable for microwaving, re-heating, boiling, freezing and storing meat and vegetables
  • Contains 2 jumbo bags 55 x 60 cm

Exercise caution when using:

  • Allow to cool before removing from the toaster
  • Never heat liquids in toastabags®
  • Never use a damaged toastabag® in case of leakage
  • Wash toastabags® thoroughly before use
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